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Pumpkin Hulsey Gamefowl

Pumpkin Hulsey Gamefowl
  • Pumpkin Hulsey Gamefowl
  • Pumpkin Hulsey Gamefowl


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The American game fowl is one of the most beautiful breeds known and are a truly incredible chicken. Game fowl are extremely intelligent and amazing survivors. They have been known to survive completely on their own and thrive quite well. If you desire hardiness and a no-fuss chicken, this is your breed.
This beautiful chicken was once bred for cockfighting and played a fascinating role in American history.  Our founding fathers bred, raised and fought game fowl for sport. With the outlawing of cockfighting, the American game fowl have become prime contenders in the poultry show ring. The striking beauty of this breed demands attention.
Pumpkin Hulsey game fowl are very handsome and are a favorite. They are well suited to their name with delicate tones of titian blending to rich apricots and deep salmons.  Female Pumpkin Hulsey are very protective mothers and excellent setters. They lay a medium sized tinted egg and are nice layers.
Tip: The male Pumpkin Hulsey game fowl must be kept separate from all other males, from about 5 months of age. They will fight to the death, as they were once bred to do.


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Pumpkin Hulsey Gamefowl
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