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Golden Cuckoo Marans

Golden Cuckoo Marans



Golden Cuckoo Marans were developed in France in the mid 1800's in the town for which it bears its name, Marans. They quickly became  popular for their very dark brown eggs... a trait they are still known for today. Affectionately named "Chocolate eggers", these beautiful birds feathers are all crossed throughout with irregular dark and light Golden colored bars. ….. Golden Cuckoo Marans eggs are like all Marans, their eggs tend to be darkest at the beginning of the laying cycle..

This line of Golden Cuckoo Marans are feather-legged as per the standard. 

The egg color from the Golden Cuckoo Marans, as with all dark egg laying breeds of chickens, can lighten somewhat towards the end of their cycle...and then return to dark again after a period of rest. You will get the darkest eggs they lay at the time your order is filled.
Feed conversion ratios are good with Marans. They make a nice table fowl as well as a beautiful dark egg producer. Goldnen Cuckoo Marans are a multi-purpose bird as well as sociable and gentle.

Roosters average 8 lbs. Hens average 7 lbs. This beautiful rare breed is calm, quiet, gentle, and sociable. The pictures posted show these magnificent birds well...a real treasure.

Tip: A desirable trait of the Golden Cuckoo Marans is the ability to color sex. Female chicks tend to be darker in color than male chicks upon hatching.


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Golden Cuckoo Marans
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