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Frying Pan Special (chicks)

Frying Pan Special (chicks)



Shipping will be figured for you in the shopping cart based on weight and zone.  Average costs for shipping are $24.95 for 15 chicks. You will be shown your total including all shipping costs before you are prompted to approve final payment. Your payment will NOT be processed until you approve your final total.


Place your order now for earliest shipment. You may choose to protect your chicks against Marek's disease.  Vaccinations will be offered to you during checkout. You may request your preferred ship week during check out and we will try to schedule as close to that time as possible.  Your order will be followed by an email confirming your firmly scheduled ship date.
First Available: 1/6/14

Our Frying Pan Special is an economical way to raise delicious, fryer-sized chickens while enjoying a more traditional barnyard bird. This all-rooster assortment may include one or more of the following breeds: Golden Buff, Rhode Island Red, Black Star, Black Jersey Giant, Salmon Faverolles, Speckled Sussex, Cuckoo Maran, Welsummer, Black  Australorp, Barred Plymouth Rock, White Plymouth Rock, Turkin, Buff Orpington, Silver Laced Wyandotte, Buckeye, Golden Laced Wyandotte, and Dominique.

These roosters take longer to reach butchering size and won't be as large as the broilers, but good things and heartier flavor come to those who wait. No guarantee on the number of any type on the assortment. Roosters only.



***A $10.00 fee will be charged for any cancellations or changes.  Cancellations will NOT be accepted within 2 weeks of hatch date.

***Please read our Day Old Poultry Policies page for complete information about our live delivery guarantees and practices

Frying Pan Special (chicks)
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