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Blue Copper Marans

Blue Copper Marans
  • Blue Copper Marans
  • Blue Copper Marans


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Marans originated in western France in the town of Marans and are best known for their dark brown colored eggs. The Copper hackles when combined with the color blue is so striking in this bird. Blue Copper Marans are truly beautiful.

Marans are fast growers, dual meat and egg birds and stand confinement well. They are fantastic foragers and beneficial for your garden without the damage caused by some other breeds.

The original French birds had feathered legs. All of the Blue Copper Marans in our breeding pens are feather-legged. Due to their genetic background, a small percentage of chicks may still hatch clean-legged (without feathers on their legs).  Selective breeding should be practiced.

Roosters average 8 lbs. Hens average 7 lbs.This beautiful breed is calm, quiet and gentle.

A truly wonderful breed to own and enjoy...quite rare in this quality and extremely special. Exhibition prospects may be found in these lines.


THE COLOR BLUE: An interesting genetic characteristic of the Blue Copper Marans, is the return in the descendant of not only all blue chicks, but also the black, white, and black-white colors used in the earliest matings many generations ago to create these blue fowl. All of these chicks carry the blue genes and when mated black to white (splash) or with other blues, in turn produce numerous blue progeny. Approximately 50% of the baby chicks will be all blue. The other 50% will be black, white, and black/white combinations (splash).

Tip:  Selectively breeding the black chickens to the white (splash) chickens will produce only blue chicks.


Larger orders may require multiple shipments.  Please email us with any concerns or questions.

IMPORTANT:  We do not, under any circumstance, guarantee that your eggs will hatch!  Many factors beyond our control may contribute to incubation success or failure.  Please see our FAQ page for complete information.

PLEASE NOTE: Hatching eggs are shipped as soon as available. We do our best to estimate current availability above.  These estimates are based on past laying habits. Certain breeds are in high demand and may be sold out for weeks or perhaps months. Please be patient and know that every effort is being made to fill your order just as quickly as possible.  Please see our FAQ page for complete information about current availability. 

Blue Copper Marans
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