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Black Copper Marans (chicks)

Black Copper Marans (chicks)
  • Black Copper Marans (chicks)
  • Black Copper Marans (chicks)
  • Black Copper Marans (chicks)



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Black Copper Marans, which originated in western France in the town of Marans, are best known for their very dark chocolate colored eggs. Marans lay the darkest egg of any variety of chicken.
They are a fast grower, dual meat and egg bird and stand confinement well...they are also excellent when allowed to free range as they do not cause the damage to your garden that some breeds do through heavy scratching. The original French birds have feathered legs as do ours.
Roosters average 8 lbs. Hens average 7 lbs. This beautiful breed is calm, quiet and gentle.  Rooster to hen ratio is 2 to 8 in this coop. 
Please note:  All of our Black Copper Marans are feather-legged.Due to their genetic background, a small percentage of chicks may still hatch clean-legged (without feathers on their legs).
A truly wonderful breed to own and enjoy. They are quite rare in this quality and very very special.



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Black Copper Marans (chicks)
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