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Barnevelder (bantam)

Barnevelder (bantam)


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One of our favorite chickens is now available in bantam! The double-laced Barnevelder was developed by the Dutch in the town of Barneveld. The intention was to develop a hen that was both hardy and would produce eggs that were brown in color. The breeds that made up the Barnevelder were very carefully chosen. A Dutch fowl crossed with a Langshan, Brahma and Cochin. Most of the Barnevelders have long disappeared. Very rare in the United States which makes them quite desirable and highly sought after. Very healthy, sweet and docile birds. Winter hardy and stand confinement well and will go broody if desired. They are gentle mothers. Good quality Barnevelders are extremely hard to find in the US. Bantam Barnevelders are nearly impossible to find. These are among our rarest birds. We searched long and hard for these birds and were fortunate enough to find them. These sweet little double-laced birds are wonderful.

Bantam Barnevelder eggs are light brown in color. They are very gentle, quiet and content birds...a joy to own and raise. Barnevelders are one of our favorite chickens and now they are available in bantam! Double laced and incredibly cute.  You will love them. 


Larger orders may require multiple shipments.  Please email us with any concerns or questions. 

IMPORTANT:  We do not, under any circumstance, guarantee that your eggs will hatch!  Many factors beyond our control may contribute to incubation success or failure.  Please see our FAQ page for complete information.

PLEASE NOTE: Hatching eggs are shipped as soon as available. We do our best to estimate current availability above.  These estimates are based on past laying habits. Certain breeds are in high demand and may be sold out for weeks or perhaps months. Please be patient and know that every effort is being made to fill your order just as quickly as possible.  Please see our FAQ page for complete information about current availability. 

Barnevelder (bantam)
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